Ducks Invite Fans to Name Their John Wayne Airport Restaurant

You might have heard that John Wayne Airport is going to get a Anaheim Ducks-themed restaurant that will feature a floor that resembles an ice rink and includes Ducks paraphernalia, which will, no doubt, be sold alongside Buffalo wings and other stadium-food standards.  But did you know the Ducks are inviting you to name the place?

Yes, you. Submit your entry here. If you have what you think is a great one, you probably shouldn't share it here--just enter it. But know that "Duck a l'Orange" might be too obvious.

Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. March 17, 2011 and must meet some eligibility requirements.  There is a limit of one entry per person and e-mail account. The fine print on the official rules says, "Any attempt by any person to submit more than one entry will void all of that person's entries and that person will be disqualified."

There's more verbiage on the website, including what you get if you win: One Anaheim Ducks team-autographed replica third jersey . . . and the satisfaction of knowing that some stranded future air traveler will have to tell his wife he's resigned himself to dinner at the Ducks-themed eatery you named.


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