Drink of the Week: Whiskey Smash

As drinks go, this one goes light on the Tennessee alcohol, but it's big on flavor. A signature cocktail at Taps Brewery in Brea, the Whiskey Smash would make a decent pairing with a nice piece of salmon.

Drink of the Week: Whiskey Smash

The mixture is simple, blackberries and fresh lemon juice are muddled in a mixer. A splash of Tennessee whiskey is added and shaken with ice. It's then poured in a tumbler and served with a sprig of mint. 

What you end up with is an enhanced version of the Whiskey sour featuring the added benefit of mint and blackberries. This concoction with it's sweet, robust flavors evokes images of alpine meadows teeming with wild vegetation and berries, pine trees and forest streams. 

You don't want to overdo it with these however, not so much for the whiskey content, but rather the fresh lemon juice which, in excess, can irritate the stomach. So enjoy one with dinner. This drink will set you back $8.


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