Drink of the Week: The Rosarito

Are you trying to get drunk after just one drink but find shots a little too much to handle? Well, then the Rosarito at Chili Pepper in Orange is hands down the drink for you. Even the cute, green bow-tie wearing waiters refuse to serve more than two to any client--and that alone speaks volumes.

It comes served over ice in a classic margarita glass with a straw. And don't kid yourself, it tastes like tequila--tequila cleverly disguised in a bath of Triple Sec and Sweet and Sour. In fact, those are the drink's only three ingredients. But they're enough. More than enough. After the one I had at lunch today, I began seeing the chili peppers on the table cloth spinning and my lunch partner's jokes were strangely entertaining--much more entertaining than usual. Trust me.

Yeah, I'm feeling a little like taking a nap now. Enjoy yours with some of the restaurant's famous enchiladas next time you're in Orange.


Chili Pepper, 167 S Main St., Orange, CA 92868-2842; (714) 639-2840


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