Drink of the Week: Sheldon Brookbank's "Rock Williams"
Linnea Lieberman

Drink of the Week: Sheldon Brookbank's "Rock Williams"

So you're out fishing, hanging out with the guys, and you're desperate for a drink. You've got energy drinks, vodka, and candy. What do you do?

Combine, them, of course.

The original recipe--called the Bill Williams--involves Red Bull, Grey Goose and a gummy worm, a recipe near and dear to the hearts of club kids everywhere.

At the Honda Center food preview on Aug. 26, though, Sheldon Brookbank brought his A-game against fellow defenseman Luca Sbisa in a cooking competition in front of invited season seatholders and other assorted VIPs. Denied the use of Red Bull, he substituted the Rockstar he had on hand. Since gummy worms were in short supply, he added a couple of gummy bears and served the drink to the judges.

Clearly, the management of the Honda Center needs to put this drink on the menu; it's a far better invention than former Ducks defenseman James Wisniewski's chile pepper-laden sushi roll. In the meantime, make it at home from the recipe as demonstrated by Brookbank himself.

1 part Grey Goose vodka (one suspects Ketel One or Cîroc would be acceptable as well)
2 parts Rockstar (or Red Bull)
1 gummy worm

Stir the vodka and energy drink over ice and serve with the gummi worm on the rocks in an old-fashioned glass.


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