Drink of the Week: Sangria at Habana

Drink of the Week: Sangria at Habana

It's tough to find a nice outdoor patio complete with a quiet ambiance (and a variety of booze) in this neighborhood. But wouldn't you know it, we found one right near our office at Habana in Costa Mesa! Nestled behind the oh-so-fabulous Buffalo Exchange at posh anti-mall, The Lab, Habana is home to classic Cuban cuisine and one heck of a sangria (the recipe of which was not made available to me but surely includes wine, fruit and other tasty goodies).

While a pitcher of either the white or red will run you at about $20, on a hot sunny day like the ones we've been experiencing lately, it's more than worth it. The restaurant's lovely umbrellas will shade you from the blazing sun while you enjoy this delightful thirst-quenching beverage surrounded by tall breezy grasses and cute little birdies. Plus, the assorted berries floating inside the mixture make for a light and delicious snack. It's practically a combo meal with out the fries! Enjoy one today, you wont regret taking this little siesta.

Habana, 2930 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA 92626; 714-556-0176

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