Drink of the Week: Raspberry Kamikaze Shot

Tired of the same old gin and tonics? Looking to liven up your libations? That's what I was doing when I waltzed into local Long Beach gem, Coco Reno's earlier this week (they serve a hell of a burrito there, in case you're interested). I muscled up the bar, took a seat and asked the bartender to hit me with her best shot. She did. The Raspberry Kamikaze.

Holy fucking shit. I could drink an entire bottle of these things--and that night, I almost did.

Four shots later I decided to call it quits--it was 5 p.m. on a Tuesday, after all. But the taste stuck with me and the next night I was ordering the hair-of-the-dog-that-bit-me with my dinner! They're dangerous, these kamikaze missions, but they're worth it.

Composed of three simple ingredients--vodka, sweet & sour mix and raspberry liqueur--this shot will knock your socks off in the best way possible. I highly recommend arranging for a sober driver if you plan on flying high on some of these babies yourself. It may have been popular for kamikaze pilots to try and take others out during WWII, but it's best to leave the pain you're sure to experience from these little gems to the self-inflicted variety. 

Coco Reno's, 3400 E. Broadway St., Long Beach, CA 90803; 562-438-9381


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