Taylor Hamby/OC Weekly

Drink of the Week: Kurosawa at Mesa

One drink you should definitely get that night is the Kurosawa cocktail, which reads like a headache in a stylish glass: sake, coconut rum, pineapple juice, agave and a jalapeno and mint muddle. Sake and Malibu seem like two bottles that should be kept on opposite ends of your liquor cabinet, but the Kurosawa is anything but a headache when it arrives-- smooth, exotic, sweet. It's topped with a few dashes of chili powder that teams up with the jalapeno muddle perfectly for a great kick.

Dangerously (or wonderfully?), the kick of alcohol is nowhere to be found. Two of these back-to-back went down as easy as juice, and had about the same effect. It's a damn tasty drink that in less capable hands would have failed miserably. But for $11 a pop there should be a little more substance to a sake cocktail--ask for yours extra boozy, por favor!


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