Johnny Rude Boy
Johnny Rude Boy
Jessica Ford

Drink of the Week: Johnny Rude Boy at Mesa

If you are looking for a place to take a date and maybe get some action, Mesa is your best bet. The menu is mostly small plates made for sharing, the specialty drink are unique and flavorful, the lighting is dim, and the roof rolls back at night (weather permitting, of course). If you can't get lucky here, you probably can't get lucky anywhere.

Mesa has an extensive wine list, but the main attraction is the specialty cocktails. Johnny Rude Boy, our Drink of the Week, is a pina colada-esque cocktail served on the rocks. One ingredient in particular may intimidate some--Bison Grass vodka--but don't worry, it does not taste a thing like grass.

Bison Grass vodka is an herb-infused vodka that gives the Johnny Rude Boy a coconut and vanilla flavoring. The cocktail also contains coconut rum, pineapple juice, lime and sugar cane. The sugar cane gives it a natural sweetness and a unique twist on a pina colada.


Sit on the left-hand side of the restaurant near the bar for a more casual, yet still classy, atmosphere. There are multiple fireplaces to sit around that help create "the mood," and if you are visiting on a night that the roof is being rolled back, you and your date will be sitting under the night sky. You're welcome.



725 Baker St.

Costa Mesa




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