Drink of the Week: Irish Coffee at Branagan's Irish Pub

Drink of the Week: Irish Coffee at Branagan's Irish Pub

There are many advantages to being the first patron of the day at a bar, especially if the only other person in the joint is a pretty bartender. Besides not having to deal with drunken riff raff and boisterous rambling regarding what decisions major league coaches should have done in last week's game, you have a sporting chance at getting a little extra hooch in your morning cocktail.

Since I happened to be at Branagan's Irish pub in Downtown Fullerton this morning, I decided to go for a drink that would inspire mental pictures of the Emerald Isle while simultaneously getting me ready for the day. My friendly bartendress Ashley immediately recommended an Irish Coffee--surprise, surprise. It was a drink this lush has yet to partake in--and light bulb moment, a blog post was born. Here's the breakdown of the drink:

One part Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey
One Part Irish Mist Liqueur
One Part Bailey's Irish Cream
Pour Ingredients in a glass coffee cup and fill to the brim with some fine gourmet mud.

The first thing I notice when drinking this concoction is the warmth of the coffee juxtaposed with the soft bite of the alcohol. It's a pleasant, unique sensation because nine times out of 10 we drink alcohol ice cold, or failing that, at room temperature.

The use of Tullamore is a wise choice as it's a mellow, smooth whiskey much like Bushmills, which can be sipped straight without the involuntary face twitching that comes with drinking lower-shelf whiskeys. As a result, the rich coffee flavor comes across loud and clear and makes the drinker feel that he's girding up his loins for a productive day, when in fact, he's catching an early-morning buzz. Here's to a productive weekend.


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