Drink of the Week: Blueberry Lemonade at Memphis Soul Café

Executive style three martini lunches aren't for everyone. If you're into a more laid back approach to your mid-day meal, the Blueberry Lemonade at Memphis Soul Café in Costa Mesa is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxed, two-hour, conversation-centric lunch.

This tasty drink is the perfect way to take full advantage of Memphis's cozy Southern-style atmosphere. The Blueberry Lemonade is sweet, but not overpoweringly so. A handful of fresh blueberries are muddled at the bottom of the glass before the tender adds a liberal amount of blueberry flavored Stolichnaya Vodka to the pulp. Soda water and Sprite fill the remaining space of the pint-sized glass along with simple syrup for sweetness and sour mix for tang. The drink is served over ice and hand squeezed lemons add a refreshing kick of real juice and pulp.

The finished product is slightly effervescent and hits you with an initial tang that isn't severe enough to pucker. The use of real fruits makes you really feel as if you're just drinking a glass of straight lemonade rather than a cocktail.

It isn't a big deal that the Stoli Vodka uses artificial blueberry flavoring. If anything, it puts an interesting spin on the medley of fresh ingredients and gives you that sense of indulgence.... Kind of like snacking on a bag of gummy bears made with real fruit juice.

The serving size is generous and definitely meant for sipping, so if you're not looking to get ef-ed up, you won't feel too bad dishing out $10 to have at the Blueberry Lemonade.


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