Drink of the Week: Bloody Mimosa

Drink of the Week: Bloody Mimosa

Nothing says, "Good morning," better than a Mimosa! Especially when you're on a boat at 7 a.m. on a foggy Saturday morning, bleary-eyed after a night out on the town with the "bitches" for a friend's bachelorette party. So... uh, what did you do this weekend? In all seriousness, this week's Drink of the Week is a variation of this classic cocktail. It's called a Bloody Mimosa, made for me by a good friend on her fiancé's yacht in Huntington Harbor. Doesn't that just sound so snooty that it makes you want to puke?

Cocktail simplicity at its best, a traditional mimosa ideally combines non-concentrate derived orange juice and the sparkling bliss of Champaign for a light, eye-brightening drink complete with nutritional value.

The Bloody Mimosa takes this recipe and kicks it up a notch, using two parts pink champagne and 100% blood orange juice, both chilled, and served in a frosted champagne flute (so the bubbles last longer). This particular version uses a 1999 vintage of Charles Heidsiek Rose (generally around $82.00 a bottle) and I.O. Italian Organics Sicillian Blood Orange Juice (a posh brand of urban juice sold only on the east coast). The flavor is earthier and more complex than a classic mimosa. Blood orange juice tends to be a bit tarter than standard OJ and has a fuller, richer flavor. Pink champagne also blends about 15% red wine into its traditional brew, allowing the drink to stand up better to more flavorful foods.

Needless to say, this drink isn't something you're going have every day... especially if you're the one paying, so try making a variation with more economically priced ingredient of the comparable quality. Trader Joe's sells Volcano brand blood orange juice that sells at about $5 a bottle and Domaine Carneros Brut Rose sells at any liquor store at around $35. Mix them together for a drink that'll make you feel so posh you could spit in someone's face and have them thank you for it.


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