The Dos Chinos Breakfast Taco
The Dos Chinos Breakfast Taco

Dos Chinos Truck Ousted From Santa Ana Spot

Dos Chinos, a relatively new gourmet food truck that serves up Latin Asian cuisine, was just booted from their temporary roost on Broadway in Santa Ana. The reason, they said via their official Twitter, was that the truck was stealing business from all the other eateries.

No word yet on who it was that delivered the news, but it's a little fishy.  

Gustavo Arellano points out that another truck,

Los Hermanos Lonchera sin Fronteras

has serviced that exact same area for months, drawing long lines, and never had any issues with any of the businesses in the area.

"If they got booted, it's for another reason--I know the PD has been cracking down on loncheras that park in metered areas...," he adds.

Though it's also important to keep in mind that Los Hermanos had also first approached all businesses in the area before setting up shop, seeking approval to park their truck in the neighborhood.


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