DonerG Opens In Irvine

DonerG Opens In Irvine

If you're just tuning in, there was once a bit of drama with a place called Pita Grill and its landlord, The Irvine Company, at a shopping center called The Crossroads. Long story short: Pita Grill had to move out despite being popular with the lunch crowd.

Now it's replacement, DonerG--whom we are already acquainted from its location in Anaheim--has moved in.

We've featured a few of its dishes in our 100 Favorite Dishes list and 10 Great Middle Eastern Restaurants list, but DonerG specializes in doner, the Turkish version of shawarma, which is what Pita Grill used to serve. We still mourn Pita Grill but welcome DonerG, and wish it better luck with the Empire of Bren.

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