Don Papi Pulido Food Dance Trivia Time!

My sources are legion, and my sources are hilarious, so check out the following dispatch from one of them involving SanTana Mayor-for-Vida Don Papi Pulido. First person to guess the restaurant and city where the below incident took place gets a $20 gift certificate to said place, or a copy of Orange County: A Personal History. Both answers must be in the same comment; only one full guess per comment. And now, the Don Papi Pulido Dance-a-Thon!:

"We took your advice about (RESTAURANT), and it was pretty good. Our bill ended up huge; too many Black and Tans! Anyways, when we went, Pulido was there, surrounded by white people. I don't know if he was drunk or not, but I remember him surrounded by those white people, and he was dancing all goofy, kind of like a white guy.

At this point, my source throws his hands down at an angle and snaps. He does this three times, switching angles each time.

Me: You mean like Carlton in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Source: YES.

Must've looked something like this:


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