Dominique Ansel's "invention"
Dominique Ansel's "invention"
From Instagram account @dominiqueansel

Dominique Ansel "Invents" The Waffogato, Two Years After It's Invented In Orange County

Dominique Ansel, the person who popularized the cronut, that laminated-dough croissant-doughnut hybrid that has now invaded doughnut shops as low-rent as my beloved Jax Donuts in Anaheim, posted an Instagram photo of the "Waffogato", ice cream with Belgian waffle bits in the shape of a waffle drowned in a shot of espresso sweetened with espresso, according to First We Feast.

Too bad he didn't invent it.

The original Wafflegato from 2012
The original Wafflegato from 2012
Courtesy of Portola Coffee Lab

It's an incredibly blatant ripoff of a collaboration nearly two years ago by the tenants of the SoCo Collection here in Costa Mesa, California. It was a mix of gelato from N'Ice Cream; Dauphinoise, honey and almond from the Cheese Shop at the Mix; espresso from Portola Coffee Lab; smoked sea salt from Savory Spice Shop; and an extra-crisp waffle from the Iron Press.

Ansel is no stranger to controversy: the "Pilgrim Chef" Najat Kaanache Amghiraf, formerly of El Bulli and then of Private Social and Souq in Dallas, claims to have invented the Cronut.

In this case, however, we have obvious prior art: our own article from June 8, 2012, written by former Weekly staffer Michelle Woo, about the Wafflegato.

Shame on you, Ansel.

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