Dom DeLuise Dies At 75

First Bea Arthur and now Dom DeLuise? I can't take it any more!

DeLuise, who died in Los Angeles yesterday, at the age of 75, was known chiefly for his roles in such goofball movies as Blazing Saddles, The Cannonball Run and Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

But he was also a gourmet who enjoyed up lavish feasts for friends and family, and it was this love of food that he parlayed into a second career, with books such as Eat This... It'll Make You Feel Better! (not forgetting the catchy follow-up, Eat This Too... It'll Also Make You Feel Better) and stints on TV cookery shows.

To end, a clip from Fatso.

All together now: "You ate the ONY!!!!!!"


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