DIY Hooch Kit

DIY Juice Into Alchohol Kit

Last month, I wrote a

prison winemaking how-to

for a certain ex-Orange-County-sheriff-turned-convicted-felon headed to the slammer. In case you wanted to make your own pruno but were skeeved out by the idea of fermenting Kool-Aid and tomato juice in a garbage bag inside a prison cell, here's the whole kit and kaboodle to make pruno under less, ah, furtive conditions. sells this DIY Juice into Alcohol Kit. It's an air lock, bottle stopper and yeast. All you do is provide a 64-ounce bottle of juice of your choice.

Is mail-ordering the whole kit too easy for your DIY tendencies? Then make your own. A stopper, airlock and a variety of brewing yeasts appropriate for fermenting high-sugar juices are available at these local homebrew stores . . . after the jump, of course!

Besides a lower cost for assembling your fermentation vessel, you can ask the experts for some valuable tips for making actual good-tasting booze such as hard cider, ales or homemade wine.

You can find said brewing parts and supplies at O'Shea Brewing, 28142 Camino Capistrano Ste. 107, Laguna Niguel. (949) 364-4440; And Stein Fillers, 4160 Norse Way, Long Beach, (562) 425-0588;


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