Disney's California Food & Wine Festival

Think I'm done talking about food festivals and restaurant weeks? Not yet. Disney wants to play too! 

They're holding their event at California Adventure from April 24th to June 7th.  The festival, in their words, will "showcase California's rich fusion of flavors." There will be free cooking demonstrations and complimentary wine tastings (with park admission, of course). There will be celebrities, including Guy Fieri, Tommy Lasorda, and John Lasseter, who not only is one of the bigwigs at Pixar and now Disney, but also a vitner. 

The latter are "Signature Events" and cost about $185 per person, which include wine and apps, followed by a Q&A. 

Lower wattage happenings, like their "Sweet Sundays" are $65, with demonstrations by such bakers as Bret Thompson & Dave Baker (yes, his name's Baker and he is a baker) of that oh-so-trendy L.A. bakeshop, MILK. 

Other attractions are too numerous to name, but what about that "rich fusion of flavors" part? Well, they're also doing "World Celebration Dinners", which go for $135 per person (Theme Park admission included) where the food of Spain, Japan, France, Italy and Korea will be featured. 

Noticeably absent from the roster?  Vietnamese and Mexican....but hey, who's judging.

Interested? Then read all the fine print and details on their website

Me? I'll probably just go to O.C.C Culinary School's Captain Table while it is still in session and partake on their $12 3-course Thursday lunches.

And oh yeah, in other Disney's California Adventure food news, word is that the now defunct Lucky Fortune Cookery will reopen as a new Mexican restaurant in June. To this I say, "When has the Lucky Fortune Cookery EVER BEEN open?" 

To me Chinese food at a California Disney park is more of a myth than Walt's head being cryogenically frozen.


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