Disneyland Hotel To Open New Polynesian-Themed Restaurant And Tiki Bar Memorial Day Weekend

Must be the warm weather. Just a day after LA Times wrote up a history of Donn Beach, the man who started up a Polynesian-themed restaurant that begat copy cats aplenty so many years ago, Disneyland just announced on their DisneyParks blog that their Polynesian-themed restaurant Tangaroa Terrace and Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar will open May 25th at the Disneyland Hotel.

Tangaroa is reported to revive the tiki feel of a long-forgotten Tahitian Terrace, serving Hawaiian cheeseburgers with teriyaki sauce, Kalua pork flatbread and a rotating "Island Plate Dinner" every evening. The blog says to expect "miso-crusted salmon, tamarind-glazed pork shanks or panko-crusted chicken, each served with jasmine rice, panko-crusted long beans and green papaya slaw."

The adjacent Trader Sam's (of "Two of his heads for one of yours" fame) will do tropical-inflected bar food to the tune of "sweet 'n spicy Asian wings, chicken lettuce wraps, panko-crusted Chinese long beans with Sriracha mayo, tamarind-glazed pork shanks with green papaya slaw and ahi poke (sushi-grade tuna) with avocado, green onion and crispy wontons."

And of course, there will be the HippopotoMai Tai for the rum drinker, a non-alcoholic drink called "Schweitzer Falls" for everyone else. The latter is, of course, named after that famous explorer Dr. Albert Falls.

Can I get a rimshot please!

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