Is this hot dog a wiener?
Is this hot dog a wiener?
Edwin Goei

Disney California Adventure's "Big Hero 6 Teriyaki Street Dog"; How Does It Taste?

It's probably not the first time that the Disney Company has used a food tie-in at one of its parks to promote one of its movies, but this is probably the first time it has done it with wasabi mayo-topped hot dog.

Big Hero 6, the new Disney CGI flick that's set to open everywhere this Friday, is set in a fictional future city San Fransokyo. And so, in line with the blending of San Francisco and Tokyo in the story, the hot dog stand in DCA's Hollywood Studios Backlot called Award Wieners is currently serving a "Big Hero 6 Teriyaki Street Dog" ($8.19 with a bag of chips) which merges the all-American with the pseudo-Japanese.

The all-beef frankfurter is dipped in teriyaki sauce, tucked into a garlic-chive roll, then topped with "ginger carrot" and cucumber slaw before being drizzled in wasabi mayo.

Is it good?

Not exactly.

The bun was cold. The carrots and slaw were overpowered by an excess of green onions. But worse was the salty "teriyaki sauce" used to slather the already salty hot dog. If the sauce reminded me of anything specific, it's those dipping packets that comes with an order of fast-food chicken nuggets--both are loaded with sugar and leaves behind an artificial aftertaste.

The wasabi mayo, though, was nice. If they'd just squirted it on a plain wiener and served that, it would've been a better dog.

Perhaps the best part of the tie-in was the drink you can pair with it: something Disney is calling "Coconut Milk Tea" ($3.59). Though it didn't taste like it had any actual tea or coconut in it, there was a subtle lychee flavor that made it quite refreshing.

So with it, I drink to Big Hero 6's opening. May it be better than the hot dog.

1313 S Disneyland Dr, Disney California Adventure Park, Anaheim, CA 92802

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