Dirk Nowitzki On In-N-Out: 'Too Good to Pass Up'

Dallas and its people are in a hubbub over In-N-Out, scheduled to make its debut in Texas there soon. The March issue of

D Magazine

(that city's version of

Orange Coast

) even commissioned a lengthy piece by a certain local food writer who thinks they're God's gift to fast food that extolled the Irvine-based chain's virtues (for a far-better piece,

read this rebuttal

in the same issue).

But the only voice that matters right now in Dallas is that of the Mavericks, and the team's star player just issued the ultimate verdict.

In an interview with KESN-FM 103.3, Dirk Nowitzki went on and on about In-N-Out. The pertinent quote:

I try to stay away, but In-n-Out is . . . You just can't compare it. It's the best. It's healthy, in fast food; they do their own meat and salad, and everything is fresh. There's nothing packed, and it's all fresh. I have it in the summer, when we go to Vegas or something or over here. Sometimes, actually, when we play Sacramento or somewhere, the guys would buy it, and we would have the burgers after the game, which we shouldn't really do, but they're so good. They're too good to pass up.

Damn, I don't even think Ron Artest went on and on that much about the burger.


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