Did You Hear About The $625 Cookbook?

Did You Hear About The $625 Cookbook?

$625 is the retail price of this book, a 2,200-page tome on how to cook as if you were a mad scientist, written by the former chief technology officer of Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold, who you may have guessed is as geeky as any man alive. He holds more than 18 U.S. patents.

This cooking thing? It's just his hobby. And to develop this cookbook he assembled a team of 20 people who worked in a lab.

What will he teach you about molecular gastronomy? For that price, you better hope everything. The book has six volumes and has been described as half science textbook, half cook book.

I can see Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory buying this book, because he's just that insane.   Plus it describes the act of cooking in detail and in action "all the way from microscopic meat fibers to an entire Weber grill in cross-section."

Can't wait till the book's release date in December?  Amazon has it on pre-order.  And it's on sale at 33% off!  A steal at $421.87. 

The lab equipment and other doo-dads you'll need to recreate the recipes?  Good luck.


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