Photo courtesy of Copper & Kings

Destillaré Orange Curaçao, Our Drink of the Week!

So I’m back from my annual trip to Kentucky, and all I can talk about is...brandy. Specifically, Copper & Kings, the Louisville company whose Butchertown brandy I wrote about last year and that’s now appearing in all the better bars in Orange County. I had the honor of getting a tour of their distillery with owner Joe Heron, and we ended with a taste of his latest product: Destillaré brandy-infused liqueurs, specifically the Orange Curaçao. Yet another non-bourbon product in the Bluegrass? Damn straight.

If all you know about orange curaçao is that it turns up in the Blue Hawaiian, prepare for a revelation. Though most bartenders use the liqueur for cocktails, Destillaré is best on its own. Neat, it’s like orange- scented angel cake, savory and sweet; on the rocks, it turns into an orange Creamsicle, refreshing yet silky. Heron just released his latest alchemical gem, so it’s yet to hit OC—but get it when it gets here. And on that note: I apologize, Mr. Hi-Time for incorrectly noting a couple of weeks ago that ustedes don’t carry aguardiente even though you do. So, to make it up, your humble scout has brought you his latest find with Destallaré Orange Curaçao—BOOM.

For more info on Destillaré, visit Copper & Kings' website


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