Cookie Fundido
Cookie Fundido
Jessica Ford

Dessert of the Week: Cookie Fundido at Matador Cantina

Once Rockin' Taco Cantina with a not-so-rockin' reputation, the space that now holds Matador Cantina in downtown Fullerton has received a major overhaul after reopening earlier this year under new ownership. Following the staff's recommendation--many of whom came from Rockin' Taco Cantina--I tried the Cookie Fundido dessert.

Taking a cue from the BJ's Restaurant chain, Matador Cantina offers a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie served with a scoop of dulce de leche ice cream. Although it requires some extra wait time for this dessert, the cookie comes to your table still warm from the oven. It's served in a small dish and has a perfectly gooey center to complement its firm outer layer. The ice cream is sweet with a ribbon of dulce de leche sauce running through it. The dish is topped with two tortilla chips, an attempt to add a Mexican influence.

The food at Matador Cantina may not be as authentically Mexican as it tries to be, but the influence is there. A simple chocolate chip cookie has been turned into a dessert worthy of an upscale restaurant, and it matches its fundido ("melted") name with the hot and cold combination of cookie and ice cream.


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