Great chimichanga at El Camino Real
Great chimichanga at El Camino Real

Democrats and Republicans Alike Make Pendejos Out of Themselves Over Chimichangas "Controversy"

To continue on this morning's cylindrical god theme is a ridiculous story coming out of Washington, D.C. involving that legendary borderlands offspring, the chimichanga, a clueless Washington Post, columnist and pendejo Democrats and Republicans fighting over the tamale pie that is the Latino electorate.

WARNING: If you're one of those foodies who don't like being bothered with the reality of the intersection of food and politics, DON'T skip ahead. Those of us grounded in the real world: read along...

The "story" started two days ago in a column written by Post writer Dana Milbank wondering what we in California have wondered for nearly two decades now: why are Republicans insistent on alienating Latinos with their Know Nothing policies? Milbank focused on the delay in approving a Cuban-American judge to a federal court, ending with the filibustering that many senators, including Arizona's John McCain, were practicing. On McCain's part for some bizarre reason and apropos of nothing other than he might've been hungry, he said "It's also believed that the chimichanga has its origin in Arizona."

"The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos," Milbank quipped--badly. Hey, pendejo: the GOP also offers gay-bashing, too--lot of Latinos sure like that!

Anyhoo, some Obama campaign insider or other (Jim Messina, whoever the hell he is) retweeted that line--as if Democrats are any better at Hispandering. As us Mexis know, all politicos like to do when doing campaign stops in Latino neighborhoods is eat at the local taqueria, dance the local dance, mangle some Spanish, and say how they're not like Republicans. Not exactly a combo plate of winning--but, given GOP anti-immigrant policies over the past decade, it's been enough for Latinos to swing Democrat in most states.

Nevertheless, Republican activists took insult to the Obama supporter's tweet, calling him racist and insensitive and accusing Democrats of stereotyping Latinos. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You want racism and insensitive, pendejos? Try your presidential candidates.

The sad victim in all this, of course, is the humble chimichanga, which only wants to please your palate and wrench your gut afteward. And, as per every post I do on Mexican food from now on, you can read more about politicians using Mexican food for political purposes in my coming Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America, out April 10! Preorder now!

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