Death by Sandwich at Manhattan Supper Club

I finally visited Manhattan Supper Club in Orange yesterday for lunch, and they have unique entrees to offer eaters on top of their stellar steaks. The lady had some flatbread concoction heavy on the cheese and herbs (don't ask me what they were--ah, the pleasures of an afternoon bourbon or two or three...), while I nearly died eating their croque monsieur.

This spruced-up ham-and-cheese sandwich is the stuff of gluttonous legend, and Manhattan Supper Club's version doesn't disappoint--organic Black Forest ham and Gruyere cheese inside freshly baked bread as soft as sponge cake. Topping it was a thick, sweet bechamel sauce. The sandwich itself is big, sliced in half so that two people can share it (and they should, given the $13 price), but I was able to eat it all. Big mistake. Cheese on cheese sauce on ham equals a logy afternoon (or morning, as this mini-review shows...), but one bite alone will suffice to make your food-freak-flag fly.

Manhattan Supper Club, 202 S. Main St., Orange, (714) 978-6161;


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