Dean and Deluca Cancels Fashion Island Store

Not actually coming to a mall near you...
Not actually coming to a mall near you...
jorgeq82 @ CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Well, I hate to be the Christmas buzzkill, but the Irvine Company today announced that Dean & Deluca has cancelled plans for the Newport Beach store. The store, which was originally supposed to open in spring 2009, was pushed back and pushed back and pushed back, until, like winter flights out of LaGuardia, it was just cancelled.

I was actually looking forward to the opening, because despite the stunningly, arrogantly high prices, Dean & Deluca was a big part of my life on the other coast, if for no other reason than they provided a convenient one-stop shopping experience for a variety of New York artisanal goods. We'll have to be satisfied with the ridiculously-overpriced Whole Foods in Tustin and trips to LA for our fancy, imported foods, at least until they change their mind again.

Thanks to JAB on Chowhound's LA board for the link.

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