David Myers' Pizzeria Ortica Opening Monday; Comme Ca Coming Later

David Myers may be a household name in L.A. -- what with his popular Comme Ça enjoying accolades from food critics and buzz from the Internet foodies -- but here in O.C., we barely know the guy.

Not for long.

Myers is opening his Pizzeria Ortica this coming Monday in Costa Mesa (at 650 Anton).  On the menu will be, umm, pizza.  I'd like to tell you what kind, but so far, their website is nothing but an "Opening Soon" banner.  Although we got an invite to the grand opening preview, it's not until tomorrow night...one that I'm skipping since I've already made reservations for another restaurant for a food review.

But if you do end up attending, please share your opinions.

Comme Ça, on the other hand, is still in the works.  Rumor has it that it will finally be finished in the summer or fall.


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