Das Ubergeek Now has a Blog!

Southern California foodies for years have eagerly anticipated the Chowhound posts and blog comments of one Das Ubergeek, an anonymous, OC-located person whose food-writing chops are the best non-professional talents I've seen since the prose of one Elmo Monster. Das scooped, sang beauty, and covered everything from Little Saigon to Los Angeles.

The only question I ever had about Das: Why did he literally give away his writings? The brother never had a blog that I could find and posted to Chowhound in the obsessive, collectivist way so particular to Netizens, and never demanded much recognition. That has now changed with his blog, Mange l'Orange, which I'll assume means "Eat the Orange" in French but I can't say for sure because I'm a wabophile, not Franco-. "Converting OC to Delicious Eats, One Place at a Time" is his motto, and he already has posts on Zon Baguettes, some L.A. eats, and a post ripping the Orange County Register's Best of Orange County (but why didn't you cross-link to our post on it?). Good luck, Das, and here's to hoping you make money off your writing soon...


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