Daphne's Greek Cafe to Rename Itself, Unveil New Concept in OC

I tried Daphne's Greek Cafe once years ago, at one if its former locations near South Coast Plaza. It was among the worst food experiences I've  had without suffering food poisoning. The falafels were as dry as a mouthful of sand; the tzaziki, watery and chalky. I shed no tears when the Carlsbad-based chain declared bankruptcy last year, and I hope management has learned many lessons as they try to reinvent Daphne's here in Orange County.

Nation's Restaurant News reports this morning that the company will shed the Daphne's Greek Cafe name in a couple of months in favor of Daphne's California Greek, with the tagline, "Live Life to Its Fullest." Can't stray too far away from the Zorba, eh? Opah!

The story also states that Daphne's will open its new concept somewhere in Orange County, with the chain offering Greek items that have been "California-ized"--the words of new CEO William Trefethen, not mine. What does that mean? Avocado and edamame. Um, okay . . .


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