Cycle Pub, A Bar On Wheels, Needs To Ride Into OC!

Cycle Pub, A Bar On Wheels, Needs To Ride Into OC!
Cycle Pub
Drinking and biking may sound like a disastrous combination, but with the Cycle Pub, it just works. 

It's a trolley-shaped traveling bar powered by the calves of its imbibers. (Don't worry--a sober staff member does the steering.) So much awesome. You're drinking, getting fresh air, seeing the city and working off the beer gut all at the same time. 

The company is based in Bend, Oregon (but of course) and has expanded to Boise, Idaho, Carson City and Reno, Nevada. Wouldn't it work brilliantly down here--perhaps in Long Beach, aka Biketown USA? (Somebody look up our laws and see if this can happen. I'm thinking probably not.)  

SoCal has its own Beach Barcycle, which looks very similar to the Cycle Put but it's not an actual bar with drinks--it merely transports people from place to place like a party bus. 

For now, we'll have to keep our drinking and cycling separate. I would suggest starting with the latter instead of the other way around.  

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