Crispy M&M's Are Starting to Show Back Up in Stores

Crispy M&M's Are Starting to Show Back Up in Stores

I don't know how I missed this news when it came out in October, but crispy M&M's, the most superior of the m&m flavors, is starting to show back up in stores enroute to a national roll out earlier next year.

I don't know if they're in any Orange County stores yet, but keep on the look out, because these were the candies that were so popular, they got taken off the American market because they cannibalized too much of the original's sales (They've been available in Europe, but reports were they just weren't the same).

For those of you who don't remember, crispy M&M's are the standard chocolate candy with a core of puffed rice in the middle. Why was it so much better? Well, they were bigger, more mellow, more fun to chew, and all around better to eat.

And yes, they are better than the sub-par Pretzel M&M's. Try as they might to replace the old blue bags, the saltiness just didn't do it for.. well.. anyone.

Crispy M&M's can be found for sure starting January 2015 in their fancy green bags. Don't buy too many of them, I need to build my stockpile.

(Someone Tweet at me if you find some please, I'll love you forever.)

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