Creamistry Puts Out Expiring Coupons Before They're Open

Creamistry Puts Out Expiring Coupons Before They're Open
Edwin Goei

Just after I wrote yesterday's post about progress finally being made by Creamistry--the liquid nitrogen ice cream shop in Irvine that's still being built as we speak--I leafed through through this month's Clipper Magazine coupon book that came in the mail and what should I find but a full page ad for it with big letters up top that says "Grand Opening", and coupons offering 20% off orders, a free creampuff and size upgrade.

But the best part? The coupons are expiring exactly a month from now on September 13th, which either means they've jumped the gun or are just really confident they're going to finish construction, get everything approved by health inspectors, et cetera in a month's time for people to use these coupons.

Their website has also gone live ahead of the actual store, with a menu that lists all the flavors and toppings, which, by the way, includes a bacon ice cream.

Also on the ad, they've included this tagline: "Orange County's first made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream shop."

This claim is technically true, but only because Mick's Karma Bar had to stop offering their made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream after the powers that be halted them from doing it, and also because Mick's is a burger joint, not an ice cream shop. Proof that Mick's Karma Bar did liquid nitrogen ice cream once? I have the evidence right here--taped sometime last year.

Still, I'm looking forward to Creamistry. Coupon or no coupon.

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