Creamistry, Ice Cream Shop Using Liquid Nitrogen, To Open In Irvine

Where smoothies and then froyo have failed before, now comes ice cream.

Creamistry will take over the space left behind by Yogurt Passion at The Crossroads in Irvine. Yogurt Passion itself replaced Tropical Smoothie Cafe about three years ago.

So what distinguishes Creamistry from the Baskin Robbins, the Haagen Dazs, and even the Strickland's of the world? The use of element number seven on the periodic table: nitrogen. Specifically, liquid nitrogen.

Here's how their Facebook page describes it:

Serving ice cream and soft yogurt prepared by using a liquid nitrogen method. The rapid freezing process provides for endless combinations of ice creams, yogurts and shakes, including both healthy options and indulging ones.

More details later when Creamistry opens.

3972-D Barranca Parkway, Irvine, California 92606. Phone number: (949) 777-6627.

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