Cracker Barrel Releases Billboard-Charting Bluegrass Album

Cracker Barrel Releases Billboard-Charting Bluegrass Album

Take that, Starbucks: Cracker Barrel, the Denny's of the South, except with much-better food, is also playing the exclusive-to-its-store music game, and recently put out a winner: The Grascals and Friends' Country Classics with a Bluegrass Spin.

The album hit the top of the Billboard Bluegrass charts and clocked in at a respectable #108 on the overall charts for a genre that, beyond Bill Monroe, "Rocky Top," "Dueling Banjos" and parts of the

O, Brother, Where Art Thou?

remains ridiculed by most of America (not by this wab, though: some bad-ass jams, son!)

has the press release

, along with one of the great name-dropping quotes in the annals of publicity: one of the Grascals enthused, "This is just icing on the cake ... like Cracker Barrel gravy on the biscuit!" The relationship has been so great thus far. Hopefully the sales and great partnership will continue in kind.  Also, I wish Friday fish fry was seven days a week!"

Of course, it HAD to be the bass player...

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