Could a "Meals Tax" Ever Come to California?

Given I'm not an Easterner, I always wondered why Republicans insisted on calling the Bay State "Tax-achusetts" again and again and again. But

after reading this article yesterday

, it's finally dawned on me--and now I'm scared that California might do the same.

The piece talks about a "meals tax" option enacted by Massachusetts in 2009 that allowed municipalities to put before their voters a levy on any meals bought within city limits (75 cents on every $100 spent). Nearly half of Taxachusetts has followed suit, which means most meals there now cost about four cents more.

Advocates say the tax has saved city services and averted layoffs, and in what state is that mantra being repeated again and again so we can swallow more "revenue enhancements"? Ours!

I'm amazed no kooky legislator has proposed it, and fear that by me bringing it up, someone will...eep.

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