Costco Carries Great Paletas
Edwin Goei

Costco Carries Great Paletas

I'm still waiting for the day Costco has the good sense to stop selling the low-sodium-chicken-meat Spam and bring back the original fully-salted-pork-only Spam onto its bulk-buy pallets (in the meantime I buy my Spam at Fresh & Easy). A while ago, they also stopped stocking the Skinny Cow ice cream cones I used to horde like a fiend.

But alas, last week I found a new item at the Tustin Costco that I hope they never ever stop selling. These are simply labeled generically "Helados Mexico", and they are paletas, Mexican ice pops made of fruit and, in this case, also milk. A friend said that he's been enjoying these paletas for years and that Costco has carried it for as long as he can remember.

If that's the case, I'm sorry I waited until now to try them. The coconut is packed full of the grated meat suspended in a rich, milky frozen confection that melts like smooth coconut ice cream. The mango is just slighty tart, but silky going down, and not cloying since it's flavored with the real fruit. The fresa (strawberry) is the perfect amalgam of strawberries and cream.

They're still no substitute for the homemade wonders and the myriad of flavors that mom-and-pops like Nevería Flor de México offers; but if you're looking for an entry-level paleta, these are a good buy. At $9.19 for 24 pops, it comes out to a very reasonable 38-cents a piece.

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