Corona Del Mar Gastropub To Open New Burger Joint In Newport

The Crow Bar and Kitchen, recognized as O.C.'s first gastropub, is now going to be the first O.C. gastropub to spin-off its most in-demand dish to be the anchor of a new eatery.

As the Daily Pilot reported yesterday, Crowburgerkitchen, a sort of Crow's Jr., is planned for the Balboa Peninsula as part of the renovation project that will see the long-toothed Albertson's there closing up shop.  Other businesses at 32nd Street and Newport Boulevard are also saying farewell as the plaza is updated.

The Crow Bar's owner, Steve Geary, says that his new place will offer burgers from around $5 and up to $18 with sit-down service, and I'm guessing, beer.

**Thanks to our friend Craig Medici for the heads up on this news.


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