Constructing JT Schmid's "Bigger Badder Asser" Burger

A wimp compared to its big brother...
A wimp compared to its big brother...

We tried taking photos of JT's blatant competition to The Catch's four-pound OMG Burger, but it was SO BIG (Yup, that's what we said) a proper visual barely fit into our viewfinder. So to introduce you to their six pound all-beef patty, grilled and topped with lettuce, tomato, cheddar, pickles, onions and roasted corn mayo, and enclosed by a 12-inch custom baked bun . . . .a video!

Behold the burger behemoth, in all its glory:

Is it bolder? We're predicting an eating challenge coming up to determine that. One thing's for sure, the "bigger ass" part of the burger is spot on.

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