Commentator Shout-Out: Hungrymomma and Hungrypoppa

Almost a month ago, I invited ustedes to eat with me and get a free dessert at Bangkok Taste in SanTana. Only two readers did: Hungrymomma and Hungrypoppa, a young Latino couple who leave some of the best comments on this infernal blog. We talked food, the Paramount Swap Meet, SanTana, and so many other things that I can't wait to hang out with them again next time I make a free food offer. Best of all: they agreed with me in thinking Bangkok Taste's roti, a flatbread fried and topped with frosting as if it were a cinnamon roll, was bueno. Gracias for coming out, hungrymomma-and-poppa, and to the rest of you: Keep reading this blog for free food offers and contests from me!

And now, my favorite hungrypoppa of all time:


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