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Coming Tomorrow: Porktoberfest Part Deux

We get our fair share of Octoberfest event announcements here at the Weekly, ranging from small bar/pub deals to giant, horribly planned "festivals." Of all these, my favorite hey-look-it's-October-let's-do-something-involving-beer concept has got to be Porktoberfest, which is happening tomorrow at Five Crowns in Newport Beach Corona Del Mar.

The event blends two of my favorite things in the world: (you guessed it!) pigs and beer. The restaurant will have a whole roast pig up for eats, as well as biscuits and ham hock gravy (isn't ham hock a great phrase?), barbecue baked beans, braised black Tuscan kale with Italian sausage, pulled pork sliders with coleslaw, pork rillette on endive, carnitas tacos and maple-glazed donuts with crispy prosciutto bits.

Beer-wise, Five Kings will be showcasing Firestone Walker beers, including the Oaktoberfest, Velvet Merkin and other beers. Firestone Walker co-founder David Walker will also be on hand to talk about how awesome his company is.

There'll be a bunch of other random stuff too (live music, games, a costume contest, et cetera, et cetera), but really, the important parts are the pork and beer. The event is kind of pricey, $99 with drinks or $79 with for DDs, but hey, like I said, Newport Beach Corona Del Mar.

If you want to go, click here (and ignore the banner that said the event happened last Friday. It didn't.).

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