Coming to The District in Tustin: Asian Mint
Edwin Goei

Coming to The District in Tustin: Asian Mint

What surprises me about this new place to open at The District in Tustin isn't that it's called Asian Mint**; it's the fact that it isn't opening at Diamond Jamboree, which currently holds the deepstack in restaurants, lording over all its new tenants like a gambler on a roll counting his chips.

The District, by the way, already has two Asian eateries on its "Promenade": Thai Bamboo and Ra Sushi.

If I am not mistaken, Asian Mint is going to go pad-thai-to-pad-thai and sushi-roll-to-sushi-roll with both of them, as it appears to be affiliated with a pair of restaurants in Texas that serves both Thai and Japanese. These are those Japanese/Thai hybrids common outside of our state's borders. On a recent trip to the South, I couldn't find a Thai place that didn't also serve sushi.

For the adventurous and the geographically-ignorant, the trend now looks as though it's going to inflitrate our county. I, for one, welcome it. Bai Plu in Long Beach, which features both cuisines, actually does both justice -- so it's not impossible to do this well.

So far, at Asian Mint's location across from Borders and next to Peet's Coffee, the sign's up, the windows are blackened, and there's the obligatory notice to sell alcohol beverages. Also, they're hiring. So if you know how to make sushi or how to make Thai food -- or better yet, both, you might want to give 'em a ring.

**Thanks to our friend Brekkie_Fan for the tip.


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