Coming Soon to The Camp in Costa Mesa: German Sausages & Beer

I got a fresh tip from fellow foodie Joe Bello who wrote in:

"A couple of nights ago, I walked past the now-shuttered trendy boutique "Harlow" which had fronted the Bristol Street strip of The Camp.

Taped on the glass was a sign, which I'll paraphrase:

Coming Soon: 
Artisan brats and craft beers

So unless they mean some handspun obnoxious children will be purveyed, this pork-lover is tying his bib on in anticipation of some sorely-needed German fla-va in Costa Me-sa."

To which I say "Achtung!"...sorry, that's the only German I know.  But it translates to "Watch Out!"...kind of appropriate...sort of.

And now, Uter:


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