Coming Soon To Diamond Jamboree: Ajisen Ramen

I mentioned in the Tokyo Table review that ran a few weeks ago that Ajisen Ramen is coming to Diamond Jamboree. Now, they've put up a few signs that gives away the location. It will be directly across Guppy Tea House, next to a beauty salon, and the first store you'll encounter on your right as you enter from Alton.

Here are a few facts about the chain:

- Originates from the Kumamoto prefecture in Japan, with over hundreds of stores throughout the globe, including five in the U.S -- there's one in Fremont and Temple City, California.

- Specializes in tonkotsu style ramen (murky, milky pork broth), which the Singapore branch of the company claims "can help to prevent aging!" not only does Tokyo Table have to worry about competition, so do O.C's. plastic surgeons!


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