Hot dog! They're open again!
Hot dog! They're open again!
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Civic in Santa Ana Re-Opens After Fire!

Civic--the SanTana restaurant that Gustavo Arellano described as Primo-Mex ("the kind of mashups Mexican cousins do every carne asada Sunday to show off")--had a fire in July and had been closed ever since.

Now it seems everything is finally in order for a grand re-opening.

In fact, the e-mail we got from owner Jonathan Melendez says that they actually opened two days ago. He does add that "it's a soft opening this week and then I think we'll have another grand opening thing next week or the week after."

If you need to refresh your memory, read Gustavo's review again where he details meals where there's "an emphasis on making stuff in-house" (like their peanut butter) and "gargantuan burritos (one with green chorizo!)" with a "green salsa that resembles wheatgrass juice but burns and makes you forget the bottle of Tapatío you grabbed."

Welcome back, Civic! You were missed!

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