Churro Station To Open Franchises in Santa Ana and Anaheim

Move over cupcakes. Step aside frozen yogurt. There will be a new dessert in town. And his name is churro. He's been deep-fried, covered in sugar and cinnamon, and franchised by an outfit called Churro Station.

The chain -- started by a woman who rightly realized that there were no churro franchises -- first debuted in 2003 in San Rafael (which, by the way, is pronouced "San Rah-Fell" by locals).

Since then, they've slowly moved eastward.  There are stores in Vegas, Phoenix, Miami and Fort Mill, which is in South Carolina (have Carolinians ever even seen a churro?).  

Now there are plans to take the Mexican dessert store to us in Anaheim and Santa Ana (no word yet on where and when).  But before you say, "But Costco has churros and they're just a buck!", I'll ask you this "Do you like apples?"

On top of making them fresh, Churro Station also fills them with either cajeta (a milky caramel sauce), chocolate, vanilla, Nutella, strawberry or pineapple.  

So, how do you like them apples?  Er...I mean...pineapples...

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