Chuck E. Cheese's to Invade Mexico

For years now, La Pizza Loca and Pizza Patrón have made a killing on customizing pizzas for the Mexican palate beyond a sprinkling of jalapeños--I'm talking about carne asada and chorizo as toppings, with Tapatío as a condiment. Nevertheless, pizza isn't that popular among Mexicans in Mexico--sure, both Pizza Hut and Domino's have outposts south of the border, but it's an American ethnic foodstuff that really hasn't penetrated Mexico like, say, Chinese food or even hamburgers.

So it's a great mystery to me that Chuck E. Cheese's, which enjoys a fanatical following among Mexi kids in the United States, is opening in Mexico.

In a press release, some flak rambled about how "families everywhere appreciate and love the Chuck E. Cheese's concept. With our knowledge of the local market and the support of CEC Entertainment Inc., we are confident that we can provide the children and families in our country the great experience and happiness that they deserve."

Mexican families, deserving happiness? You don't say!

Anyhoo, they're slated to open over the next five years in Mexico's most-American part: the states of Nuevo León, Chihuahua and Tamaulipas, which lie on the United States-Mexico border and should have been ceded to us long ago. . . .


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