Chivas Tortas, El Rincón del Sabor Get the Good Food Treatment

True story: I wanted to focus specifically on Chivas Tortas, the best overall tortas ahogadas experience in Orange County. It's a great lonchera, and one of the few places where you can drink the fermented corn mash tejuino and Chivas Cola, the official drink of the Chivas soccer squad from Guadalajara.

Only one problem: their hours have been irregular for years, and the day I returned for one final retry before singing its praises on KCRW-FM's Good Food program, it wasn't there. But present was Old Faithful: El Rincón del Sabor, a chilango-style taco truck with Morelian touches that also happens to sell the best alambre in la naranja. Hence, two reviews in one.

Anyhoo, the tape.


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