Chips In Cup
Edwin Goei

Chips In Cup

Name: Chips In Cup

Origin: Korea

Found at: H-Mart, Irvine

Cost: On sale: 2 for $2.49


Wheat Flour, Sugar, Chocochip, Coconut Powder, Shortening, Egg Powder, Cream Powder, Salt, Acid Agent.

Chips In Cup
Edwin Goei

Why I Bought It: Of the things I expected to be in cup, cookies wouldn't have been one of them. But I can see the appeal of a "ramen"-izing dessert. Think of a complete meal one can eat out of a once-sealed cylinder: Cup Noodles. Pringles. Then this. The future is now, people!

Peel of the top of a Chips In Cup and what you've got is practically a feed bag that you can fit right into your feed hole. Ideally, you can use the cup to catch the crumbs. And these are crumbly cookies.

Tasting Notes:
Though they look exactly like Famous Amos' chocolate chip cookies, they don't taste a thing like them. These are much much better, with a lighter, more porous texture almost bordering on meringue. And also they contain bits of shredded coconut along with the chocolate chips. And yes, they're quite crumbly, which is probably why the manufacturers decided on a cup instead of a bag.

The problem, of course, is that once you open one, there's no way to seal it back closed.  Thereinlies the flaw in the design.  Or perhaps you wouldn't consider it a flaw but an excuse to eat it in one sitting?


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