Chinese Chef Builds And Sells Noodle Making Robots

Chinese Chef Builds And Sells Noodle Making Robots

A chef in China has built an army of robots he's selling to noodle restaurants. The automatons have blinking eyes and a swiveling arm that slices noodles with windshield wiper-like movements. Since production started in March, he's reportedly sold about 3000 of these robots for about $2,000 each, which is supposedly cheaper than hiring a human to do it.

There's a demand for these robots, the inventor says, because with more opportunities in China young workers have no interest in the tedious and repetitive task of cutting noodles by hand.

The video reports that noodle customers are pleased with the product it produces. They say that the robot-sliced noodles are just as good or better than the hand-sliced ones. Though one wonders: if it weren't for the lighted eyes and non-functioning head, isn't just a glorified pasta machine?


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